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Articles on House Repair and Maintenance:

How to Install Carpet Yourself
By Judah Hamilton
Do you want to replace your carpets but don't want to hire a pricey contractor? This article will help you install carpet yourself, correctly and with a tremendous amount of savings.

If You Paint It They Will Buy
By Jacqui A Wright
As part of our plan to escape the city we needed to finish painting our apartment in order to sell it. As I had just been made redundant I had more time than money and so decided to do all the painting myself. I learnt quite a bit along the way about the pros and cons of sugar soaping, whether painter's tape is the holy grail of straight lines and why it's essential to begin some sort of pre-painting fitness regime before you even look at a roller.

How To Change A Close Coupled Toilet
By Luke Spliff

This is a step by step by step guide for anyone that likes to turn their hand at home improvements on the correct procedure of removing the old toilet and fitting a new one. It's also for anyone that is feeling the pinch and can't afford to get a sometimes costly plumber in to compete their improvements.

The Complete Springtime Home Maintenance Checklist
By Rachel Kopp
Spring is the time for cleaning, but it's also a fine time to do some basic maintenance around the home. Investing in annual maintenance will help you avoid problems and keep your home safe in the coming months. Add these items to your maintenance list, and make sure you take care of them every spring.

Add Value To Your Home With These Home Improvement Tips
By Jonah T Smith
Home improvement can dramatically increase the value of any home if done correctly. This article aims to guide you through some of the best ways to improve your home for yourself, whilst adding value to your property.




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